Outdoor Recreation

National Parks have no purpose if they are not accessible to the people who pay for them. Today we release our Outdoor Recreation policy.

Canberra leads the world in silly e-cig restrictions

Just as the Liberal Democrats fully support people's right to smoke, we also support people's right to vape.

Press releases

  • Fee hikes threaten more Canberra businesses
  • Our Response to the Australian Institute of Architects
  • Liberal Democrats announce candidates accross all electorats

Small government - Low taxes - Personal responsibility

The ACT Liberal Democrats are neither left-wing nor right-wing. We support evidence-based decision-making and reject the protection of special interests. We are committed to transparency and accountability in government.

A vote for the ACT Liberal Democrats is a vote to:

- Maintain high living standards
- Diversify the local economy
- Protect your personal freedoms