Dave Green is a Forde-based technology entrepreneur. He studied and lectured in Cognitive Science specialising in artificial intelligence and neural networks at Macquarie University and UWS. In 2007, his family relocated to Canberra to start a family-owned technology business that has literally grown from the kitchen table to serve clients across Australia.

Growing up in the 1980s, Dave was strongly influenced by the rational free market zeal and social inclusiveness of the Hawke/Keating governments. He became politically active with Labor after the defeat of the Keating government, and was heavily involved in attempts to modernise the organisational structure of the party. Over time, however, Dave began to feel that Labor had abandoned reform for cheap politics. Lack of courage on same sex marriage and asylum seekers was the last straw.

Dave joined the Liberal Democrats because he believes in a pragmatic approach to government that treats citizens like adults. His key concerns for the ACT are marijuana legalization coupled with a shift away from enforcement to harm minimisation for “harder” drugs; and stimulating private sector growth in town centres to reduce our dependence on the Federal Government as primary employer.