I started my high school days in Canberra in 1975, attending Weston Creek High School and finishing up at Stirling College.

In 1981 I joined the Australian Army where I served my country for over five years. I then completed a stint in the property industry up on the North Coast of NSW before moving to Adelaide in 1989 to take up a role with the Australian Taxation Office.

I subsequently moved to Canberra with my wife where I have happily worked across a range of industries, raising my two children in Tuggeranong.

In 2014, after 25 years in the public service, I decided to embrace change and take the opportunity to leave the APS. For the last two years I have been working as consultant for the Commonwealth Government.

I have been lucky to lead a comfortable life but I am anxious for the future of my children. My recent retirement from the APS allowed me the opportunity to reflect on my career and family life. The consistent theme has been service: service in the military, working to advance the public interest in the APS, and managing the joys and challenges of being a parent.

My primary skills are in the fields of property management, financial planning, project management and strategic planning. These skills are strengthened by an unerring desire to make the ACT a better place to live.

Over the years I become disillusioned as have many others with our local members and the performance of our local assembly. Many of my friends, family and work colleagues have complained about the lack of ability and willingness of our elected representatives to actually push for the interests of their constituents.

Nowhere in Canberra is this feeling stronger than in Brindabella, where for too long the interests of residents have been pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

Canberrans will see a coherent and well-considered plan for the ACT that no other party can match. I specifically invite Brindabella residents to consider:

  • Why our residents will fund a hugely expensive and widely-disliked light rail system when we will never obtain any benefit?
  • Why our government is using our rate revenue to pay for a light rail project to increase the value of houses in the north of Canberra?
  • Why does Canberra have the highest rate of business failure in Australia? Why does the ACT have the highest levels of business taxes in Australia?
  • Why doesn’t Canberra have a real vision for the future that isn’t simply based on hiring more public servants? Can we really tax our way to prosperity?
  • Why is so much of our rate revenue spent on silly expansion of the nanny state?
  • And finally, are we getting quality government services for the amount we pay in rates?

There is only one party in the ACT that guarantees that it will never vote for a tax increase. There is only one party that guarantees that truly cares about personal freedoms. And there is only one party that will work actively to push back against the nanny state. The Liberal Democrats are that party and I will work for your vote.