My name is Hugh Upton and I’m a third year law/economics student at the Australian National University as well as the treasurer for the ACT Liberal Democrats. I moved to Canberra after finishing high school in Sydney in order to attend ANU. Personal responsibility is one of the key features that attracts me to liberal ideology. Having grown up in a single parent household with three other siblings, I understand People must take responsibility for their own lives and families.

I joined the Liberal Democrats in 2012 and have found them to be a breath of fresh air in the baby-boomer dominated landscape of Australian politics. Furthermore, I appreciate the faction-less environment which the smaller party provides. There is little internal tension due to our similar ideologies and there is a distinct lack of People turning up with strong motives to further their own careers or agendas. I believe the Liberal Democrats will continue to grow thanks to the effort David Leyonhjelm put into the Senate to further the liberal movement in Australia.