Jacob is a member of the ACT Liberal Democrats Executive and is your candidate for Brindabella.

He is an accountant by trade and has worked across a range of Commonwealth agencies as a public servant and consultant. He is held in high esteem by his professional peers as a big-picture thinker and problem solver.

Jacob’s family moved to Canberra when he was four and he went to Monash primary school, Marist College and subsequently graduated from the ANU. He was a keen chess player for many years and competed nationally. He enjoys skiing and soccer.

As a member of the gay community, Jacob feels that too many People hold themselves out as representatives of gay and lesbian People. Rather, he feels that the government should spend far less time in our wallets and telling People how to live their lives. Disillusioned with “progressive” parties that take his community for granted, he was delighted to find that the Liberal Democrats offer an option for those who are socially progressive but believe in smaller government.