Mark has worked as a computer engineer for the last 21 years with a focus on Citrix products. He has qualification in Microsoft, Citrix and Project Management. As a computer contractor he has worked with IBM, Fujitsu, Datacom, The High Court of Australia, University of Technology Sydney and many other smaller companies.

Mark was formally the Treasurer of the Molonglo branch of the Liberal Party of Australia but his Libertarian beliefs left him unable to support their socially conservative and nanny state polices. Mark was excited to discover the Liberal Democratic Party that closely aligned with his views. He has been an active member of the Party for the last 2 year and is currently the a member of the ACT Branch Excutive. He stood as a candidate in the Federal election and is your candidate for Kurrajong in the ACT elections.

Mark also has an interest in music and has run a Digital Harmony recording studios since 2001 and his best selling production to date has been Colliding Worlds by Sophie Serafino. He has also been Vice-president of the Music Managers Forum and served for 3 years as the NSW co-ordinator of the Australian Songwriters Association.