ACT Liberal Democrats believe that recent increases in residential rates are unacceptable. Residents are being forced to pick up the tab for a government that is unable to live within its own means.

We know that residential and commercial rates will continue to increase beyond the rate of inflation for as long as government spending isn’t brought under control. Our plan includes reducing the cost of the public housing system in Canberra, a Commission of Audit on the scope of activities currently undertaken by the ACT government, and a promise that we will not raise any taxes.

If the Liberal Democrats hold the balance of power, there will not be any increases in rates for the life of the next Legislative Assembly.

Commercial rates, along with the range of levies, fees and licence costs, are stifling business activity and ultimately hurt our community through higher costs for consumers and less jobs for those looking for employment. For more information on how the ACT Liberal Democrats can make the business sector grow, see our Local Economy and Business policy.

In the coming weeks, we will provide the electorate with a credible alternative plan for the ACT that is not based on increased taxes, but rather consolidation and reductions in needless government spending.

The ACT Liberal Democrats:

  1. Guarantee to immediately halt any rise in rates for residential properties across the ACT. We believe that long-term stability in residential property rates can only be achieved by reducing the expenses of the ACT government.
  2. Will hold a Commission of Audit in the business of government with a view to determining whether any efficiencies can be realised.
  3. Will create one-stop shops for businesses in dealing with the regulatory demands of government.
  4. Will Appoint a Red Tape Reduction Commissioner to receive submissions from the non-government sector to direct a thorough review of processes and practices to reduce the administrative burden on businesses, and to reduce the cost of government.