The ACT Liberal Democratic Party believes in the provision of a safe and reliable roads network and public transport system.

In relation to the ACT road network, the ACT Liberal Democrats strongly support individual responsibility which means driving with care and diligence, adjusting to conditions, and preventing harm to others. The ACT Liberal Democrats strongly oppose revenue-raising masquerading as public safety. We support the revision of speed limits based on acceptable risk, not the ever increasing regulation of road use through hidden and average speed cameras and oppose the downward revision of speed limits on public safety grounds.

We oppose increases to fees, charges, levies, taxes and fines, especially where those costs don’t bare any relation to the cost of providing services.

The ACT Liberal Democrats believe that government should not seek to change people to suit the public transport system, rather we should change the public transport system to suit people. We acknowledge the difficulties with maintaining a commercially viable public transportation system given the ACT’s population density and unique design, but do not believe that the proposed investment in light rail will resolve Canberra’s transportation problems.

The ACT Liberal Democrats oppose the Light Rail project. The business case supporting the project does not provide the public with confidence that the project is worthwhile. Specifically, it appears to have double counted both the alleged benefits of increased house prices along with the economic benefits from reduced travel times. It also departed from traditional good practice in conducting cost-benefit analyses and overestimated the positive wider economic impacts. A lack of transparency in modelling supporting the project also undermines its integrity.

The Light Rail project is not forward-looking. It is a huge, costly and fixed transport system that requires significant and permanent changes to our city. The cost will be borne equally by Canberrans but benefits will flow inequitably. The Light Rail project was born out of a political compromise between the ACT Labor Party and the Greens to ensure support for four years of government. We will all experience the bigger compromise to our public finances for decades to come.

We support the rights of cyclists on the road and note the positive impact cycling can have on reducing congestion and public health. We do not, however, support the substantial reconfiguration of urban centres in an attempt by government to socially engineer greater use of bicycles.

The ACT Liberal Democrats:

  1. Support variable speed limits on major roads that are adjusted according to traffic and conditions. This approach is commonplace in other cities internationally and in Australia, and represents a sensible, evidence-based approach to managing traffic flows.
  2. Would seek to increase the number of carparks in town centres as a matter of priority and strongly support private sector investment in multi level parking stations.
  3. Strongly oppose laws and regulations that are designed with primary purpose of revenue raising and would actively seek to repeal them.
  4. Strongly oppose the proposed increases in vehicle registration fees, and would actively seek to significantly reduce them.
  5. Are neither for nor against light rail in the ACT in principle, but believes that the current business case is flawed and represents a poor use of taxpayer money. The ACT Liberal Democrats will focus on a transport policy that addresses the needs of all Canberrans and make investments where proposals represent value for money.
  6. Would redirect funding earmarked for light rail to ACTION bus services, returning the difference to the ratepayer. The Liberal Democrats would also consider the extension of the designated bus lane system to areas that would benefit.
  7. Would introduce more parking for motorcycles in all public carparks and not charge for their use.
  8. Support an increase to speed limits on divided arterial roads such as the Monaro highway, Tuggeranong parkway, Gunghalin Drive Extension and Hindmarsh drive.
  9. Support the modification of some low volume traffic lights to turn off between designated times.
  10. Would abolish speed cameras where there are no legitimate safety concerns.
  11. Would modify school speed zones from the blanket 8am 4pm to 8am 10am and 2pm 4pm, bringing the ACT in line with other Australian states.
  12. Support investigation into more efficient freight transport to and from Canberra through the use of rail.